Piano Storage Tips

Posted on: 13 July 2016

Not having room isn't necessarily a reason to get rid of your beloved piano, especially if the living arrangements aren't meant to be permanent. Instead, consider putting it into a storage unit. You can store a piano safely for several years if you do it correctly. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Always choose climate controlled storage

It is never a good idea to take a chance on a non-climate controlled unit. The reason is simple: both the wood that makes up the piano and the sound board itself are very sensitive to temperature and moisture fluctuations. Repeated exposed to humidity can lead to mold, mildew, and warping, while temperature changes lead to warping and weakening of the wood.

Tip #2: Get it clean

Make sure the exterior of the piano is fully dusted and polished. You don't want any grit on the piano that could scratch the finish, and the polish will protect the wood from dirt and also from drying out in storage. Lay a clean, white cloth over the piano keys, and then close the lid to hold it in place. The cloth will cushion the keys and it will also keep dust from getting between the keys while the piano is in storage.

Tip #3: Hire professionals

When it comes to the actual moving, bring in professionals. While upright pianos aren't too finicky as long as they are handled carefully if you have patient manpower to move them, grand and baby grand pianos are heavy, awkward, and easily damaged. Skilled piano movers will take steps to protect the sound board and the body of the piano. Often, the legs will need to be removed to make moving possible. The movers may also opt to box everything in order to further protect it during the move and during storage.

Tip #4: Keep it covered

Once the piano is in storage, make sure it is well padded. Cover it with heavy moving blankets to protect it from any moisture, dirt, or bumps. Cover the padded piano with a large sheet for one last layer against of protection. Do not set anything on the piano once it is in storage, either.

Professional piano movers can provide you with more insight into safe storage procedures. There are also other benefits with movers. For example, some moving companies also offer storage services and they may even provide a tuning as part of the moving service when you eventually bring your piano back home. Talk to a business like Extreme Piano Moving for more information.