Moving With A Pet? Follow These Four Tips

Posted on: 1 April 2016

You treat your pet just like any other member of your family, but it's easy to forget about their needs when you are planning a move to your new home. If you want your move to be successful, follow these four tips for treating your furry friend.

Arrange Their Transportation And The Logistics

If you are only making a local move, transportation will be easy. On moving day, you may need to keep your pet locked in an empty room so that they do not get frightened or escape the house with all of the residential movers going in and out. Transportation is as simple as using their pet carrier in the car.

A long distance move can be quite different though. Work out the details with your airline far in advance so that there are no surprises on the day of your travel. A small pet may be able to fly with you in the cabin, but if not, be prepared for them to travel by air freight. If the latter is unacceptable, you may need to turn your flight to your new home into a road trip.

Get Their Vaccinations and Paperwork In Order

Your pet needs to be healthy for traveling, so have any health concerns taken care of before the move. You will need to find a new veterinarian near your new home, and that may take a while to do. It's best to make a final visit to your veterinarian to ensure that they are updated with all their vaccinations, and get a copy of their medical records to take with you.

When traveling by plane, you will need additional paperwork to provide to the airline that proves that they have their rabies vaccination, the CVI (certificate of veterinary inspection), and an acclimation certificate.

Pack Their Travel Bag

You have a bag with carry on items, and so should your pet. When traveling by plane or car, pack a small bag for your pet that includes water, some food, and even stimulation that will keep them busy during the trip. You should also feed your pet right before you leave so they are not traveling on an empty stomach.

Help Them Adjust To Their New Home

When you arrive at your new home, give your pet some time to adjust to the new place. The ASPCA recommends letting them adjust to a single room at first. Having so many new rooms can be overwhelming, so gradually move from one room to the next until they appear to be comfortable with each room.

With the plan for your pet in place, you can leave the rest of the move to the professionals to ensure that everything goes smoothly.