Blending A Family And Two Households Full Of Stuff

Posted on: 1 April 2016

When you blend two families into one, you will face several challenges. One big issue that arises often is what to do with all of the stuff that comes with two families. Will you really have room for it under one roof? Will some things need to be eliminated to prevent the house from becoming overcrowded? How do you make the decisions about what stays, what goes, and what you should do with the things that you aren't quite sure about?

Critical Communication

The transition your families are making is difficult on you, your new spouse, and all of the kids. The most important element of this transition is communication. You must discuss everything with each other when it comes to moving the two families together under one roof.

Talk with the kids about what they are willing to part with, what must be kept, and the things that they aren't quite sure what to do with. If there are things that someone is especially attached to, do what you can to accommodate them in any way possible. This could mean hanging a shelf on the wall to increase storage space in a bedroom, using ceiling-mounted storage racks or under-bed storage bins.

Storage for Undecided Items

For the things that you cannot make an immediate decision about, find a storage unit that is local. If you are considering moving into a larger home eventually, consider storing the extra furniture so that you have what you will need to fill a larger home. You might end up with a second family room in the basement that requires a sofa, chair and entertainment center. Storing these things for a year or two will save you a lot of money when the time comes to furnish a larger home for your growing family. For more information, talk to a furniture storage facility in your area.

To Sell or Store?

Ok, so you don't want to fill a huge storage unit with all kinds of things that my never be used again. Stop and take a look at the condition of each item that you are undecided about. Is the item in good condition? Would it cost very much to replace it? Is there any sentimental value to the item?

If you could easily and affordably replace an item, it doesn't carry any sentimental value or it isn't in the best condition, consider letting it go. Chances are, you won't miss it.

Talk things over with the family and decide what you will keep in the blended home, what will go into storage and what can be sold to make a little extra money for your first blended family vacation.