3 Tips For Moving When Pregnant

Posted on: 30 March 2016

When you are pregnant it seems like just about everything gets more difficult to do when physical work is involved. You get out of breath easier than you did before and spend a lot more time feeling fatigued. Unfortunately, growing another human being is a lot of work for your body. Moving can be especially tiring and challenging for someone who is pregnant. Below are some tips that will make your move go a little smoother.

1. Packing in Advance and Getting Organized

The best way to make sure moving is easy is to get organized and pack in advance. There are a lot of opportunities for stress when you're moving, so getting things organized will help relieve some of this. Make to do lists and set deadlines you can follow. Another thing you can do to reduce your stress is to start packing in advance. Putting things you aren't using that much first in boxes will allow you to start as early as you want even up to three months before the move. It is important to do what you can to reduce stress as it is harmful for both you and the baby. Depending on how far along you are, enough stress can make you go into labor prematurely.

2. Know Where You're Going

Research where you are moving to. You want to know everything about your new home and the surrounding neighborhoods. You want to know where the parks, places to eat, grocery stores, and all the important locations are and how long it takes to get there. This way you can get into a routine right when you get there because you know where everything is. You won't waste valuable time trying to figure out where the hospital is when you go into labor, for example. You also will not have to worry about your spouse struggling to find something weird you end up craving at three in the morning.

3. Expect Things to Not Go the Way You Want

You are at the most emotional time in your life, so it's okay to lose it a few times. It's stressful to move no matter how prepared you are. Allow yourself to feel and to get overwhelmed and then go right back to packing and getting it done. Things will go wrong. The movers might be later or something might get broken or misplaced. You just have to accept that things won't go the way you want them.

Remember to take breaks when you need them. Don't put too much pressure on yourself; and don't do any heavy lifting as it can injure you and the baby. Listen to your body and your doctor to make sure you are keeping yourself safe. Contact a business, such as Men On The Move, for more information.