Prepare The Contents Of Your Costume Shop For Moving Day

Posted on: 29 March 2016

If you own a small costume shop, but have found that you do not have enough room for the items that you sell and have decided to move to a new location, the following tips will help you prepare for the move while remaining organized. As a result, the transition will move along smoothly and you will be able to open up your new shop without delay once your belongings are set up inside of it. 

Box, Bag, And Label Small Items

Place buttons, sewing thread, pins, or any other sewing notions or accessories that you use to repair or enhance costumes in a small case that contains several compartments. If items are at risk of being lost and won't fit into one of the compartments, place them in a plastic bag that seals before storing them.

Create labels on self-adhesive sheets and secure one to each item that is stored in the case. Make a master list of all of the items that are in the box. Place the list in a safe location so that you can refer to it if you ever forget all of the items that are placed inside of the case. By having a list on hand, you will not need to unpack the case prior to the move in order to locate something. 

Place Costumes In Garment Bags On Rolling Racks

Purchase enough clear, garment bags for the costumes that you own. Work on placing the costumes in bags several days before the big move. The bags will protect the clothing from mildew or dirt while being transported. The clear material that each bag is made out of will make it easy for you to keep track of the costumes and locate any that are needed right away.

Place the bags on hangers and hang them across the top of rolling racks. On moving day, you or a moving crew can easily push the carts through your old building and into a moving vehicle. Once arriving at the new location, the racks can be pushed inside and you can quickly organize the costumes in their new surroundings.

Store Paperwork In A Locking Chest

Place paperwork in file folders that are labeled. Purchase a locking chest that is large enough to hold all of the files inside of a metal frame. While you are still operating out of your old building, put your hands on any papers that are needed to complete business transactions or record bill payments without delay.

When it is time to make the move, lock the chest before it is transported. Have an additional copy of the lock's key made and place both of them in a safe spot. Once you begin unpacking at the new location, you will be able to return the documents to their original storage location.

All of the tips will help keep you relaxed prior to and during the move. Once you arrive at the new location, set up your costume shop with ease and enjoy the new surroundings. Contact a moving company, like Quick n Careful Movers or a similar location, for more tips and ideas.