Moving Out Of A College Dorm? 4 Ways To Keep Costs Down

Posted on: 7 March 2016

Some colleges allow students to live in a dorm throughout their entire time in school, but most people move out after a year or two as it gives them a little more freedom. When you know that you will be moving out of your dorm pretty soon, you should focus on preparing for such a move. It is possible to get creative and save a lot of money on moving to avoid a stressful situation and a huge hit to your finances.

Get Boxes from Various Departments

Instead of heading to a home improvement store to purchase some moving boxes, you should head to several departments in your college to make a request for boxes. Both the chemistry and medical department get routine shipments that require high-quality packing to avoid damage. You can get these boxes without paying a dime, and you can easily protect your possessions with these boxes.

Entice Your Dormmates to Help

If you want your dormmates to help you with the move, you need to make it enticing for them. College is a busy time, whether it comes from studying, participating in social events, working, or going to class. Brewing coffee from freshly ground beans, buying a dozen or two donuts, and offering to pay for lunch are some things that you can do to maintain high morale when asking for their assistance.

Rent a Low-Cost Truck

Although you could use your own vehicle to transport your belongings, you might not be able to comfortably fit your mattress, bed frame, dresser, television, and other large possessions inside. However, you do not have to spend a lot of money to get what you need for transporting these items. It is possible to rent a moving truck for just an hour or two to take care of moving bulky furniture and belongings.

Sell Items on Campus Beforehand

When you live on a college campus, you should take advantage of this opportunity before you move. Since you are likely to have various items that work well in a dorm room, you should have no problem finding other students that would gladly take some possessions off of your hands at the right price. Creating a list, adding a few pictures, and posting ads on public bulletins can help you sell at the right prices quickly and locally.

If you want to save money on moving, you should make use of your college situation. For more information, talk to a company like Walsh Moving & Storage.