Credit Is A Better Choice For Paying A Moving Company, Even For Small Moves

Posted on: 24 July 2015

If you're arranging for a move and are trying to keep your costs down, you might be considering paying with cash in order to avoid credit. Maybe you've already got a revolving balance with monthly interest and don't want to add to it, or you're afraid you'll agree to more expensive moving costs if you use plastic. But there are very good reasons to use a card for moving costs instead of using cash. Credit cards protect you both from scams and from last-minute schedule upsets.

Sign of a Legitimate Company

One of the more common ways to determine if a moving company is legitimate is to ensure they take credit cards. It is possible that a smaller moving company might be cash-only, but it's unlikely, given how simple it is for businesses to arrange for the ability to take credit cards. If you offer credit only, and the moving company refuses to help you, you know you're probably looking at a company that you don't want to do business with anyway.

Ability to Protect Your Belongings

Another way a credit card protects you is the ability to place a hold on a charge if something goes wrong. If the movers mess up, or if the contracted driver tries to hold your belongings hostage -- there are bad companies where this can happen -- you don't have to lose your money. If you pay cash to these companies, especially if you pay any up front, you'd lose that cash and have to fork over more to get your stuff back. With credit, you can let the bank know what's going on so that they don't pay the company until the issue is resolved and you give your approval.

Unforseen Extra Costs

Moving companies sometimes have to increase the amount they planned to charge you because they underestimated the amount of stuff you had, or they underestimated the weight. It could be there were stairs involved at the endpoint that you didn't mention when arranging the move. In cases like these, the moving company will charge more, and with credit, you can pay for the extra charges without a problem. That prevents your stuff from being put in temporary storage while you find the cash to pay.

Of course, not every reason to use credit is negative. Credit cards enable you to pay without having to walk around with a wad of cash in your pocket. They also allow you to add on services easily if you need them, such as help with packing. You don't have to rush to the bank to get more money to pay for that help at the last minute.

If you have questions or want more information on using credit to pay for moving services, talk to local movers now. Professional movers, like those at Redondo Van & Storage, will be able to show you how easy it is to pay using a card even if you can't go into the moving company's office.