How to Get Everything You Need to Furnish Your Home at a Storage Unit Auction

Posted on: 5 June 2015

If you have recently moved out on your own, you will need to furnish your home. When you go to buy items to place in your home, you will quickly realize how expensive home goods really are. Fortunately, there is a great way you can get everything you need for your home for a very small amount of money. Storage unit auctions often have units that contain items to fully furnish a home. The following guide helps you learn how to spot a great home goods unit.

Look for Furniture

When you go to the unit auction, you will be able to look at the items in the unit from outside of the door. You will not be able to go in and actually touch or see them up-close though. Use a flashlight to look closely at the furniture that is in the unit. Pay attention to how it is stored. If it is just thrown into the unit, the owners did not take care of it, which means it more than likely to not be very valuable. You want to buy furniture that is taken care of and positioned neatly in the unit.

Look for Appliances

A storage unit that contains an entire household full of objects will often contain appliances. Look in the unit to try to find a coffee pot, microwave, refrigerator, or a washer and dryer set. If you see these items in the unit, it's a very good sign that the unit contains an entire household worth of items.

Look for Labels

There will often be numerous boxes in a storage unit. The boxes are often labeled in some way. Look at the labels and see if they are labeled for different rooms in a house. If you see boxes labeled for a kitchen and other items labeled for the bathroom, you are more than likely looking at a storage unit filled with the items you need.

When bidding starts on the unit, take your time to bid. You do not want to bid right away because it will allow you to see if there is anyone else interested in the unit. You do not want to bid too much for the unit because then you will not be saving any money to furnish your home. Be sure to bring cash with you on the day of the auction because you have to pay for the unit and remove all contents before the storage facility closes that day. Talk to a storage unit like AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage for more information.